Wagyu beef is considered the best and most expensive in the world. Two young farmers are now breeding the Japanese breed in the Sauerland region and marketing the product online and ex-farm. The black cattle standing in the pasture in Arnsberg, however, seem downright cute. Smaller than the classic dairy cow. There's nothing to complain about in terms of character either: good-natured and calm, say the owners. However, they were purchased for quite different intrinsic values: Their finely marbled meat is considered the best in the world. And the most expensive. So those who breed and market Wagyu cattle - the Japanese original is known as Kobe beef - are operating in a small, exclusive niche. But what else should you do if you start your own farm and don't want to fall into the always-faster-always-bigger-always-cheaper trap. In any case, Katrin Schütz and Christoph Willeke have decided on a different path, according to the entrepreneurial couple in the interview with Westfalenpost.